About us

We are a collective of antique dealers and art restorers who have worked in this industry for over 30 years. Our experience comes from

thousands of purchases from all over the world, but above all from Rome which is a place we consider to be the cradle of art. This is where we find the most beautiful objects.


Our clients come from all over the world, Russia, France, Germany, USA only to name a few countries, and the majority are collectors who are on the look out for new object to their majestic houses. Our clients choose to work with us at Business Antique because they rely on our acknowledged taste when it comes to searching for new objects of elegance.

The desire to own an ancient sculpture and to surround ourselves with beautiful objects is a part of our nature and getting closer to a historical work enriches our own conscience and strengthen the connection between us and our ancestors. When purchasing an antique artwork from us you do not only invest in an object, you also invest in yourself by getting the possibility to enjoy the presence of our history.


We are constantly on the look out for new ancient and elegant sculptures, paintings and furniture and when we find objects of interest we always make sure it combines elegance, quality with competitive prices. All to satisfy our important customers!

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